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Ghost Tours prides itself on upholding the motto 'Horror, Heritage and Hauntings'. They combine the unique experience of visiting Brisbane and South East Queensland's most historic haunted sites with the ancient art of story telling. Hear classic local ghost stories, urban legends and myths, true tales of tragedy, crime, murder, magic, witchcraft, love and death. Ghost Tours has been operating since last century when it was established by local dark historian Jack Sim.

Undertake a tour with an eerie Ghost Host who imparts the haunted heritage of the sites visited. The presence of these creepy characters is Ghost Tours only concession to theatrics - there are no extras in sheets leaping from the shadows to give cheap thrills on these tours. All thrills are genuine and genuinely creepy.

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Unfortunately some sites visited do pose some difficulties depending on the nature of your disability. Hearing and speech impaired groups have undertaken Ghost Tours in the past and greatly enjoyed the experience however those with severe disabilities which prohibit walking distances, negating steps and inclines unfortunately cannot be catered for. Please contact Ghost Tours if you would like to discuss your special needs.


Children 12 and above are welcome on Ghost Tours. However Ghost Tours are not recommended for children under 12 years. Parents and guardians are advised that this tour features strong content in the form of true historic ghost stories and tales delivered in a dramatic theatrical style. The stories include gruesome and macabre material including murders, crimes, violence, deaths, executions and suicides. The stories can be frightening, scary and distressing to clients, especially young children.

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