Mount Kiangarow Track

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The Mt Kiangarow track leads to the summit the Bunya Mountains' highest peak. The track climbs gradually, winding around the mountain and leads to an avenue of grasstrees and a natural lookout giving views over the park and to the horizon. This walk is ideal for watching the sun set over the plains below; remember to take a torch for the return trip back to your car or camp.

Journey Details

1 Hours
2.3 Kilometres


  • Birdwatching

Full Itinerary

The Mount Kiangarow Track is managed by the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service. Please visit the web site for the latest park information including opening hours and safety messages.

LINESTRING (151.55498027801514 -26.842452086767693, 151.55420780181885 -26.842337212867911, 151.55313491821289 -26.839503619778537, 151.5520191192627 -26.838393138281553, 151.55060291290283 -26.83674654222369, 151.55038833618164 -26.83567432726857, 151.55038833618164 -26.834180868092897, 151.54970169067383 -26.830983267485493, 151.54918670654297 -26.830753496300925, 151.54880046844482 -26.830944972320427, 151.54819965362549 -26.831404513446703, 151.54781341552734 -26.832093821640481, 151.54807090759277 -26.832898009231414, 151.54794216156006 -26.833625602608009, 151.5479850769043 -26.834391485323312, 151.54828548431396 -26.834889306310966, 151.54815673828125 -26.83492760014245, 151.54792070388794 -26.834544661244877, 151.54783487319946 -26.8337021911126, 151.54796361923218 -26.832955450983714, 151.547749042511 -26.832132116417135, 151.54800653457642 -26.831519398436978, 151.54834985733032 -26.831174743116609, 151.54873609542847 -26.830887529548555, 151.54918670654297 -26.830657758169785, 151.54974460601807 -26.830906677142423, 151.54983043670654 -26.831174743116609, 151.55047416687012 -26.834085132858682, 151.550452709198 -26.834410632324836, 151.55064582824707 -26.836708249007238, 151.55113935470581 -26.837244352859223, 151.55206203460693 -26.838316552949308, 151.55317783355713 -26.839446181347487, 151.55352115631104 -26.840269462741563, 151.55380010604858 -26.84101615464327, 151.55425071716309 -26.842260630203313, 151.55427217483521 -26.842308494374759, 151.5548300743103 -26.842404222656956, 151.55509829521179 -26.842432941125832, 151.55517339706421 -26.842442513947162)

Route Details

Route Type
Level of Difficulty
Level 3: Recommended for people with some bushwalking experience
Mode of Travel

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Forty Mile Scrub National Park

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Chillagoe-Mungana Caves National Park

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Undara Experience

Mount Surprise, Etheridge Area
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Only three and a half hours from Cairns in Tropical North Queensland's Gulf Savannah lies a land so different in contrasts - the Undara Experience. Undara is a pristine wilderness possessing one of the oldest and best preserved lava tube systems anywhere on Earth.


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