Koonin Lookout

Crows Nest, Toowoomba Area

Wander out to Koonin lookout in Crows Nest National Park for a bird's-eye view over Crows Nest Creek, the Valley of Diamonds and distant rolling hills. Look along the way for intricate lichen patterns on rocks, spring-time wildflowers and ant trails in trees.

Be sure to take stop off at Crows Nest Falls lookout along the way to see Crows Nest Creek plunge 20 metres over granite cliffs to waterhole below. Or take the Kauyoo Loop (an additional 600 metres) to visit Kauyoo Pool and the Cascades.

Journey Details

1.5 Hours
4.5 Kilometres


  • Birdwatching

Other Information

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Crows Nest National Park
via Three Mile Road
Crows Nest, Toowoomba Area

Full Itinerary

The Koonin Lookout track is managed by the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service. Please visit the web site for the latest park information including opening hours and safety messages.

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Route Details

Route Type
Level of Difficulty
Level 3: Recommended for people with some bushwalking experience
Mode of Travel

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Art Gallery, The

Injune, Maranoa Area
Free Entry
Be ready to be awed by what awaits you on this walk in Carnarvon Gorge National Park, as The Art Gallery contains some of the finest Aboriginal rock art in Australia. Just 5.6 kilometres from the trailhead, at the junction of Kamoloo Creek, a signposted access track leaves the main walking trail upstream of crossing number 10, providing a gentle climb to the escarpment base where the site is located.

Minerva Hills National Park

Springsure, Central Highlands Area
Free Entry
A relatively small National Park near Springsure in Central Queensland, Minerva Hills is dominated by Mount Boorambool, rising 600 metres above sea level, and the larger cliff fringed Mount Zamia (560 metres), which offer panoramic views of the surrounding countryside.

Mount Fox

Ingham, Hinchinbrook Area
Free Entry
Located south-west of Ingham, Mount Fox was created by a violent volcanic explosion about 100000 years ago. In the explosion, a lava flow 10 metres thick spewed from the southern end of the crater and chunks of molten magma were thrown out of the volcano's vent.

Pinnacles, The

Hook Island, Whitsunday Area
Free Entry
Arguably the best dive site in the Whitsundays, with hard corals comparing favourably to those seen on the outer Great Barrier Reef. The best dive is off the western beach, adjacent to the Woodpile and swim east at a depth of seven to 15 metres.
Free Entry
Located just 20 minutes from the Ipswich Central Business District and 35 minutes' from Brisbane Central Business District, White Rock - Spring Mountain Conservation Estate features the distinctive, sculptured, rocky outcrops of White Rock and Spring Mountain.
Free Entry
The Boondall Wetlands lie on the edge of Moreton Bay between Nudgee Beach, Boondall and Shorncliffe. The wetlands include more than 1000 hectares of tidal flats, mangroves, salt marshes, melaleuca, grasslands, open forests and woodlands.

Coongarra Rock

Biggenden, North Burnett Area
Free Entry
For Four Wheel Drive enthusiasts, Coongarra Rock and Falls provide an opportunity to explore rocky outcrops, caves, rock pools and natural vegetation. It is possible to climb the rock but should only be attempted by fit and experienced bushwalkers.

Butterfly Bay - Hook Island

Hook Island, Whitsunday Area
Free Entry
A popular bareboat anchorage, Butterfly Bay is situated on the northern side of Hook Island. There are limited public moorings and snorkelling can be enjoyed along the bay edge or just off the beach. Offering coral outcrops with shallow walls, the bay is populated by many small, colourful reef fish species.

Mount Beerwah

Glass House Mountains, Sunshine Coast Area
Mount Beerwah is the highest of the 10 volcanic plugs that make up the Glass House Mountains. It has two peaks, the taller of which is 556 metres high making it one of the most visually prominent mountains in south-east Queensland.

Gardners Falls

Maleny, Sunshine Coast Area
Leave your vehicle in the car park on the banks of the Obi Obi Creek and take a short, level walk downstream to Gardners Falls.  You’ll pass a number of shallow rock pools which are ideal for smaller children who just want to splash about.
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