Koonin Lookout

Crows Nest, Toowoomba Area

Wander out to Koonin lookout in Crows Nest National Park for a bird's-eye view over Crows Nest Creek, the Valley of Diamonds and distant rolling hills. Look along the way for intricate lichen patterns on rocks, spring-time wildflowers and ant trails in trees.

Be sure to take stop off at Crows Nest Falls lookout along the way to see Crows Nest Creek plunge 20 metres over granite cliffs to waterhole below. Or take the Kauyoo Loop (an additional 600 metres) to visit Kauyoo Pool and the Cascades.

Journey Details

1.5 Hours
4.5 Kilometres


  • Birdwatching

Other Information

Family Friendly:

Family friendly – please refer to operator's website for services and facilities.
Crows Nest National Park
via Three Mile Road
Crows Nest, Toowoomba Area

Full Itinerary

The Koonin Lookout track is managed by the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service. Please visit the web site for the latest park information including opening hours and safety messages.

LINESTRING (152.105791 -27.254401, 152.10566225396724 -27.254820659847553, 152.105619338623 -27.255087715289772, 152.10570516931148 -27.255545523127456, 152.10622015344234 -27.2558125768292, 152.10660639154048 -27.256155930646365, 152.10712137567134 -27.256613734086994, 152.10746469842525 -27.257147835719291, 152.10776510583491 -27.257643784938253, 152.10815134393306 -27.258101582254241, 152.10870924340816 -27.258292330579689, 152.10918131219478 -27.257987133101913, 152.10973921166988 -27.258025282832438, 152.1102112804565 -27.258063432549886, 152.11046877252193 -27.258444929004476, 152.11119833337398 -27.258559377685664, 152.11171331750484 -27.258635676741015, 152.11205664025874 -27.258673826249051, 152.11218538629146 -27.258731050486553, 152.11220684396358 -27.258359092416267, 152.1120673690948 -27.258206493873697, 152.1121746574554 -27.258025282832413, 152.11218538629146 -27.257596097609422, 152.11248579370113 -27.257128760705122, 152.11272182809444 -27.256690034477188, 152.11321535455318 -27.256556508759939, 152.11377325402827 -27.256861710163804, 152.11407366143794 -27.257014310551657, 152.11463156091304 -27.256785409891357, 152.11510362969966 -27.256480208278109, 152.11548986779781 -27.25663280918943, 152.11591902124019 -27.2568998602804, 152.11600485192866 -27.257243210740828, 152.11613359796138 -27.257433960538581, 152.11634817468257 -27.257701009705769, 152.11664858209224 -27.25792990848154, 152.11686315881343 -27.258273255761836, 152.11703482019038 -27.258692900998131, 152.11712065087886 -27.258998096538985, 152.11724939691157 -27.259341440521261, 152.11729231225581 -27.259608485107893, 152.11737814294429 -27.260066274335845, 152.11733522760005 -27.260295168243079, 152.11724939691157 -27.260447763919473, 152.11722793923946 -27.260524061679156, 152.11746397363277 -27.260161646854453, 152.11733522760005 -27.259360515155851, 152.11697044717403 -27.258330480205483, 152.11669149743648 -27.257891758718308, 152.11624088632198 -27.257453035500347, 152.1160477672729 -27.257233673242343, 152.11597266542049 -27.2568998602804, 152.1155435119781 -27.256613734086969, 152.1150929008636 -27.256451595583922, 152.11462083207698 -27.256766334815065, 152.114084390274 -27.256966622952941, 152.11322608338924 -27.256527896085384, 152.11272182809444 -27.256661421836991, 152.11215319978328 -27.257596097609422, 152.1121210132751 -27.258025282832413, 152.11202445375056 -27.258187419041136, 152.1121746574554 -27.258359092416267, 152.11215319978328 -27.258683363623991, 152.1120137249145 -27.258645214119209, 152.11051168786616 -27.258425854212806, 152.11024346696468 -27.258034820263, 152.1092027698669 -27.257968058231707, 152.1086985145721 -27.258263718351696, 152.10817280160518 -27.258082507403653, 152.10779729234309 -27.257624710009143, 152.10715356217952 -27.256613734086969, 152.10622015344234 -27.255774426339606, 152.10573735581966 -27.255526447838474, 152.10566225396724 -27.255078177606421, 152.10583391534419 -27.254420075481921)

Route Details

Route Type
Level of Difficulty
Level 3: Recommended for people with some bushwalking experience
Mode of Travel

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Noosa Heads Coastal Track

Noosa Heads, Noosa Area
Free Entry
Spectacular views can be seen from several lookouts along the track. You will also see coastal rock formations such as the Boiling Pot and Hells Gates. Beaches include Tea Tree Bay, a pandanus-lined sandy beach, the more rocky Granite Bay, historic Winch Cove and the sweeping Alexandria Bay.

Hell's Gates

Sunshine Coast Area
Free Entry
The dramatically named Hell’s Gates is a high bluff with spectacular views of the coastline north to Double Island Point and south over Alexandria Bay. Visit this area during July to November to view migrating whales.

Tea Tree Bay

Sunshine Coast Area
Free Entry
This stunning beach in Noosa National Park is just a 20 minute walk from Laguna Bay near the park’s entrance. If you don’t have much time to explore, it’s an ideal place to take some time out and appreciate the park’s tranquillity and its stunning seascapes.

Noosa National Park

Noosa Heads, Noosa Area
Free Entry
Noosa National Park, a chunk of wild coastline jutting into the ocean, is understandably one of Australia's most visited parks. Wallum heaths, woodlands and pockets of rainforest with hoop and kauri pine are important refuges for wildlife, including koalas and rare glossy black-cockatoos.

Tewantin National Park

Tewantin, Noosa Area
Free Entry
Distinctively-shaped Mount Tinbeerwah (265 metres) stands out in the Tewantin National Park, which protects ancient flooded gum forests, wallum heaths and cabbage-tree palms. It also offers great views to the popular Noosa coast and lakes.

Boiling Pot

Sunshine Coast Area
Boiling Pot lookout is the first place on the Noosa National Park coastal track to enjoy the sweeping views from Noosa North Shore to the surf off Tea Tree Bay. Situated above a rocky outcrop, it offers an excellent vantage point to watch surfers, dolphins and even the occasional whale.


Noosaville, Noosa Area
Noosaville is a lively centre for holiday accommodation, aquatic activities, bars and restaurants and is located around the sparkling waters of the Noosa River. A popular retreat for locals and repeat visitors, Noosaville is an ideal spot for families with safe swimming and a laid back, friendly atmosphere.

Noosa Heads

Noosa Heads, Noosa Area
Combine natural beauty with award-winning restaurants and a sleepy-town atmosphere and you'll get an idea of what Noosa has to offer. Listed as an official Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, Noosa is home to a range of pristine natural environments - from waterways full of birdlife to rocky headlands where you can watch whales swim past.

Marcus Beach

Marcus Beach, Noosa Area
Noosa’s eastern beaches, while not patrolled by surf life savers, are popular with locals and visitors alike for a more relaxed beach experience. These great beaches are found between Sunshine and Peregian Beaches.

Peregian Beach

Peregian Beach, Noosa Area
About 13 kilometres south of Noosa Heads, Peregian Beach is one of a string of lovely beaches between Noosa and Coolum. Just over the sand hills at the southern end of the beach you'll find Peregian Environmental Park, an area of wallum heath which bursts into a colourful profusion of wildflowers in spring.
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