Granite Arch Circuit

Ballandean, Southern Downs Area

The Granite Arch circuit is a short, easy walk to one of Girraween National Park's most popular features. From the Bald Rock Creek day-use area, cross Bald Rock Creek and wind through blackbutt and stringybark forest to Girraween's very own natural stone archway.

For a longer walk, combine with a walk to The Pyramid or The Junction.

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0.5 Hours
1.6 Kilometres


  • Birdwatching

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Girraween National Park
Ballandean, Southern Downs Area

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Granite Arch Circuit is managed by the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service. Please visit the web site for the latest park information including opening hours and safety messages.

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Route Details

Route Type
Level of Difficulty
Level 3: Recommended for people with some bushwalking experience
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Mount Scoria Conservation Park

Thangool, Banana Area
Free Entry
Rising 150 metres above cultivated plains, Mount Scoria is a striking landmark near Biloela in the Banana Shire. Formed by volcanic activity 20 to 26 million years ago, this volcanic plug features many-sided basalt columns.

Nuga Nuga National Park and Lake Nuga Nuga

Rolleston, Central Highlands Area
Free Entry
Lake Nuga Nuga (adjacent to Nuga Nuga National Park) is the largest natural water body within the Central Queensland Sandstone Belt. It provides a valuable habitat for waterbirds, and in the right season flowering waterlilies are a sight to behold.

Isla Gorge National Park

Taroom, Banana Area
Free Entry
A panorama of sculpted sandstone cliffs, peaks and outcrops greets visitors to Isla Gorge National Park - the striking rock formations and maze of gorges changing colour with the movement of the sun. Spring wildflowers, rare plants and rock-wallabies can be seen.

Kroombit Tops National Park

Biloela, Banana Area
Free Entry
Kroombit Tops National Park - a spectacular hinterland experience that showcases the regions true beauty. 800 metre high sandstone cliffs, waterfalls, inspiring landscapes, sweeping gorges, peaceful creeks and the only known home of the Kroombit Tinkerfrog, a critically endangered species.

Cania Gorge National Park

Monto, North Burnett Area
Free Entry
Trace the footsteps of local Indigenous ancestors who have been documented as living in the Cania Gorge National Park area for over 19,000 years and experience the abundant wildlife which has been sustained by this special ecosystem in Queensland's stunning Sandstone Wilderness.

Expedition National Park

Taroom, Banana Area
Free Entry
Expedition National Park - in the Central Queensland Sandstone Belt - is a park of rugged gorges, spectacular views, remote campsites, wildflowers, wildlife and a rich human history. It protects a wealth of Aboriginal cultural sites, locations named by explorer Ludwig Leichhardt in 1844 and remnants of pastoral heritage.

Cracow Beach

Isla, Banana Area
Free Entry
Cracow Beach is a beautiful spot on the Dawson River and Delusion Creek Junction, located 18 kilometres north-west of Cracow along Isla-Delusion Road. It is surrounded by Livistona palms and native bush land and is the perfect stop over point to relax and enjoy the calm and serenity, or try a spot of fishing.

Lake Murphy Conservation Park

Taroom, Banana Area
Free Entry
Nestled beneath the low Murphy's Range in the central highlands, Lake Murphy remains largely unchanged from the days when Europeans first passed this way. Lake Murphy provides a seasonal refuge for waterbirds.

Palm Tree Creek

Taroom, Banana Area
Free Entry
Located just 15 kilometres north of Taroom in the Banana Shire is Palm Tree Creek. Palms unique to the upper Dawson River catchment area including the Livistona palm can be found here. They have gained Palm Tree Creek world-wide recognition as home to these unique species.

Lake Callide

Biloela, Banana Area
Free Entry
Lake Callide is located 12 kilometres from Biloela via sealed road and approximately 90 kilometres south-west of Gladstone via the Dawson Highway. While compact, the lake provides visitors with rewarding fishing - especially for golden perch (yellowbelly) and has in recent times been well stocked with barramundi.
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