Cameron Corner

Cameron Corner - where three Australian states meet! The Corner Store is in Outback Queensland, receives its supplies from New South Wales and telephone services from South Australia. Originally surveyed by John Cameron in 1882-83, a new survey marker was unveiled in 1969.

The interpretive centre contains information on the world's longest fence, the Dingo Fence. Licensed accommodation, camping, fuel, meals, telephone and souvenirs are available at the 'Corner'.

For a truly unique experience head out to Cameron Corner for the Tri state New Years Eve celebrations. Celebrate the New Year in three different states.

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In this vast, remote wilderness near the tip of Cape York Peninsula, the sandstone landscape is dominated by the mighty Jardine River and its many streams and swamps, and is rich in Aboriginal and European cultural heritage.

Thursday Island

Thursday Island, Torres Area
Leave your watch behind when you go to Thursday Island as this colourful island paradise is where time really does seem to stand still. It is one of 274 islands which lie between the northern tip of Queensland and Papua New Guinea in the Torres Strait.

Cape York

Cape York, Torres Area
Rich with Aboriginal culture and Australian pioneering history, Cape York is an untamed wilderness area waiting to be explored. The journey through Cape York Peninsula to the top of Australia is an epic adventure taking in memorable pubs, ancient rock art and spectacular natural scenery.
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