Famous for being Australia's furthest town from the ocean, although this can be disputed, the thirty or so Eromanga locals joke that they're the ones that refuse to get their feet wet on their annual Christmas holiday trip to the beach. Despite their irrational fear of the ocean, Eromanga locals are friendly and welcoming and a trip to this tiny outback town is more than worth the drive.

Sustained by surrounding pastoral properties, some of which are over 8,000 square kilometres, Eromanga is also home to the Eromanga Oil and Gas Basin, which produces around one and a half million barrels of oil each year.

The Old Royal Hotel, built in 1885, is one of the town's original buildings and was once a Cobb & Co. staging post. Visit the rustic outdoor machinery museum for a glimpse into the region's mechanical history and head to the new Living History Centre for a dose of history and information on early settlers, industry, opal mining and dinosaur fossils found near the town. Next door, a lush park with a covered playground and barbecue facilities is a fantastic picnic spot where visitors can view the stunning mining memorial, which is inlaid with real opal.

Visitors are welcome to a community barbecue held Saturday nights and annual events, including the Easter Eromanga Rodeo, Campdraft and Gymkhana, are a great place to meet and yarn with locals from around the region.

Eromanga, Quilpie Area

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