Wolf Rock Dive Site

Rainbow Beach, Gympie Area

Wolf Rock, north of Double Island Point and just off the coast of Rainbow Beach near Gympie, is a behemoth of granite. With five interconnecting pinnacles rising from 35 metres deep, all are of varying heights - with two breaking the water's surface. Divers love to explore the peaks of the pinnacles, with one sitting at 11 metres deep, one at 16 metres, and one at 19 metres, while others enjoy exploring the sheer drops for close encounters with resident grey nurse sharks and spotted eagle rays. Black coral trees, spiky soft corals, hard corals, gorgonians and spiral sea whips decorate the granite. The gutters running along the shallow rocks are home to moray eels, nudibranchs, gobies, scorpionfish, sea stars, shrimps and coral crabs. Other common visitors include turtles, gropers, batfish, trevally and angelfish.

Wolf Rock
Rainbow Beach, Gympie Area

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