Wet Tropics

Mossman, Douglas Area

湿热带雨林世界遗产(Wet Tropics World Heritage)从汤斯维尔(Townsville)一直延伸至昆士兰东北海岸的库克镇(Cooktown),占地约 900,000 公顷。 该地区景色十分优美,河流水流湍急、峡谷幽深、瀑布众多,站在高山之巅,壮阔雨林美景一览无余。

是澳大利亚中部黛恩树谷河谷(Daintree River Valley)周边最大的雨林荒野地区之一。 两处世界自然遗产景观交汇于此,形成世上绝无仅有的奇景,雨林一直延伸至列入世界遗产名录的大堡礁(Great Barrier Reef)边缘。 该地区拥有如下美景:
- 黛恩树国家公园(Daintree National Park)
- 巴伦峡谷国家公园(Barron Gorge National Park)
- 卧如龙国家公园(Wooroonooran National Park)。

游客可抓住大好机会,入住坐落在雨林之中的豪华旅社,乘坐四轮车观光,或是踏上观赏鸟类和鳄鱼的冒险之旅,尽情探索湿热带雨林世界遗产。 该地区还设有多条丛林徒步路线,昆士兰新建的世界级长途徒步小径之一湿热带雨林徒步路线(Wet Tropics Great Walk)也位列其中。 小径全长 110 公里,沿途集中展示了该地区独特的自然和文化奇景。

湿热带雨林世界遗产是澳大利亚 30% 的有袋动物种类的美丽家园,现存最为原始的袋鼠物种麝香​​袋鼠也生活在此。
湿热带雨林世界遗产也是无数动植物特有物种的栖息之地。 此地至少生长着 390 种珍稀或数量极为有限的植物,其中 74 种为濒危物种。

人们认为,原住民在此地的居住历史可追溯至 50,000 年前,是澳大利亚最早的人类定居历史。 该地区环境多样,物种丰富,为曾居住在此的原住民狩猎采集者提供了理想的生存土壤。 约有 16 个民族曾在湿热带雨林世界遗产地区定居,直到今天,该地区对当地名为雨林民族的原住民社区仍有重要意义。

Captain Cook Highway
Mossman, Douglas Area

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Mount Fox

Ingham, Hinchinbrook Area
Free Entry
Located south-west of Ingham, Mount Fox was created by a violent volcanic explosion about 100000 years ago. In the explosion, a lava flow 10 metres thick spewed from the southern end of the crater and chunks of molten magma were thrown out of the volcano's vent.

Bees on Keswick Island

Keswick Island, Mackay Area
Free Entry
Keswick Island is home to thriving hives of purebred Caucasian bees. Unlike bees on the Australian mainland, these bees are free of many other diseases and are sometimes used as breeding stock for the mainland colonies.

Condamine Gorge '14 River Crossing'

Killarney, Southern Downs Area
Free Entry
Accessible by four-wheel-drive vehicles only, the Condamine Gorge's '14 River Crossings' track is appropriately named after the 14 river crossings you have to make exploring this beautiful part of the Gorge.

Mothar Mountain Rockpools

Gympie, Gympie Area
Free Entry
Looking for a relaxing, sheltered place to while away some hours, you can't go past the Mothar Mountain Rock Pools. Located in the Woondum National Park, about a 20 minutes, 16 kilometres drive from Gympie's Central Business District, the Mothar Mountain Rock Pools day area provides the perfect family friendly location for a barbecue or picnic.

Art Gallery, The

Injune, Maranoa Area
Free Entry
Be ready to be awed by what awaits you on this walk in Carnarvon Gorge National Park, as The Art Gallery contains some of the finest Aboriginal rock art in Australia. Just 5.6 kilometres from the trailhead, at the junction of Kamoloo Creek, a signposted access track leaves the main walking trail upstream of crossing number 10, providing a gentle climb to the escarpment base where the site is located.

Minerva Hills National Park

Springsure, Central Highlands Area
Free Entry
A relatively small National Park near Springsure in Central Queensland, Minerva Hills is dominated by Mount Boorambool, rising 600 metres above sea level, and the larger cliff fringed Mount Zamia (560 metres), which offer panoramic views of the surrounding countryside.

Pinnacles, The

Hook Island, Whitsunday Area
Free Entry
Arguably the best dive site in the Whitsundays, with hard corals comparing favourably to those seen on the outer Great Barrier Reef. The best dive is off the western beach, adjacent to the Woodpile and swim east at a depth of seven to 15 metres.

Savages Crossing

Fernvale, Somerset Area
Free Entry
Looking for a quiet spot to drop a line or take the canoe or kayak out for a spin? Fish where the locals fish and visit Savages Crossing. Located along Banks Creek Rd, its just a short five minute drive from the township of Fernvale.
Free Entry
Located just 20 minutes from the Ipswich Central Business District and 35 minutes' from Brisbane Central Business District, White Rock - Spring Mountain Conservation Estate features the distinctive, sculptured, rocky outcrops of White Rock and Spring Mountain.

Kinkuna Section

Bundaberg, Bundaberg Area
Kinkuna section of Burrum Coast National Park preserves a wilderness area of coastal vegetation and wide, unspoilt beaches, just 30 kilometres south of Bundaberg. The Burrum Coast National Park which also incorporates both Woodgate and Burrum River sections is part of the Great Sandy Region, of which Fraser Island is best known.
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