Isla Gorge Lookout

Theodore, Banana Area

At the southern end of the Dawson Range, Isla Gorge National Park protects spectacular sandstone scenery. Here, among a complex maze of gorges, sandstone outcrops and striking rock formations change colour throughout the day.

Isla Gorge Lookout is the ideal spot to watch the sunset over the orange-coloured cliffs of the gorge. From the picnic area, you follow a rough trail to the lookout over Isla Gorge and the valley below.

The plateau has brilliant wildflower displays in spring. From the lookout you can see wedge-tailed eagles and peregrine falcons soaring above the gorge or honeyeaters splurging on wattle, eucalypt, boronia and grevillea flowers from mid-winter to summer. Take your binoculars and look for whiptail wallabies and grey kangaroos in the valley below.


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Isla Gorge National Park
Theodore, Banana Area

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