The Kommo Toera Trail

Mackay, Mackay Area

This magnificent walking track allows you to meander under the shade of towering Melaleuca trees to observe a distinctly unique wetland ecosystem.

To access the walk, drive 15 minutes north of central Mackay toward the Mackay Marina along Harbour Road. Turn left on Slade Point Road and then left onto Keeleys Road.

Also known as paper bark trees, the Melaleuca forest is home to a diverse range of wildlife and plant habitats. The trail is one kilometre long, and takes approximately 50 minutes to complete.

Keep an eye out for the tree-top storm debris which embedded itself amongst the tree tops during a wind storm. The debris has been up there for more than 20 years, surviving many wet season cyclones.

As it is an active eco-system, watch your footing as snake sightings are common in this area. If you do encounter a snake on the trail, remain still and allow it to pass.

Insect repellent is extremely advisable as this area has a very prominent mosquito population. There are no fresh water stations or toilets along this walk. The nearest public facilities can be found further along Keeleys Road at the Andergrove Shopping Centre.

Open Times

Public Holiday: Open Everyday ...... 0900-1700


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Keeleys Road
Mackay, Mackay Area

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